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“My folks have been telling everyone else how good the clinic with Bill Cropper was - now they all want to go!” Joanne Collins, Wide Bay Water

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The key to Working as One-Team lies in challenging the excesses of the 'divide it up' mentality and breaking down the thinking barriers


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“Working Better Together was great. It provided many useful insights into behaviours and interactions and provided me with many ‘tools’ which I can implement into my daily practice.” Denise Woodford, Queensland Health


Working Better Together -- A Profile

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Breaking down barriers to a One-Team approach to work


Work-as-One-Team -- What this Program is About...


Do you see people shrug disowningly and say it’s not their issue? Do you notice mistakes accumulate, stemming from a lack of coordination or consideration? Are there too many turf wars or blame games being played? Is there a lack of collective accountability or concerted action?

Learning to Work-as-One-Team can shift mindsets and get you better results.

If you look at how work has traditionally been put together, you get a better idea of what Working-as-One-Team is all about. Our thinking about how to best organise work is commonly still dominated by a ‘divide-it-up’ mentality that separates work and jobs into boxes (or ‘silos’) where it's all too easy to lose sight of the big picture of what’s going on.

Pieces of work or services that should belong together get scattered amongst different work areas or teams, even divisions.  Boundaries spring up between work areas that resist fluid sharing of information and cross-boundary cooperation. We forget that we're all working for the same overall purpose, focused more on our own immediate work function and collective accountability becomes little more than a blame-game. Often these boundaries are ‘thinking’ or ‘attitude’ ones, not just actual work process or system ones.

Work-as-One-Team says you can’t afford to operate in isolation if you want your whole organisation to succeed. Everyone in every team or work area needs to:

Remain focused on the big picture and do what’s needed whether or not it's technically our job or not


Know and value each other’s roles, contributions, strengths and skills and then...


Be willing to switch roles, help out others and cultivate cross-boundary cooperation

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Aims of the Work-as-One-Team clinic:


The key to a Work-as-One-Team approach is to challenge the 'divide-it-up' mentality, see work in the context of the overall purpose of the organisation and break down artificial barriers between work areas.

Part of our Working Better Together series, the Work-as-One-Team clinic shows leaders how to implement 5 One-Team Work Practices to help their teams:


Identify and break-down dysfunctional boundaries between workgroups


Increase cross-boundary co-operation and strengthen inter-team synergies


Replace rigid boundaries and fixed divisions with more fluid and flexible structures


Assess their one-team potential and attitudes, beliefs and behaviour needed


Learn how to share vision, decisions, workloads and accountability for results


Develop new operating principles and behaviour to support working-as-one-team


Topics we cover in this introductory 1-day clinic include:

What Working-as-One-Team Means and why it matters


5 Work-as-One-Team Practices: difference between success and failure


Hold-backs to one-team: silos, self-interest, isolationism and job protectionism


Sharing the Vision: what we stand for and how we all make a difference together


Sharing Workloads: work collectively, cultivate cohesion and cut competition


Tackling Tough Talks: being frank and fronting up to one-team blocks and barriers


Share What’s Going On: getting engagement, sharing information, distributing decisions


Sharing Responsibility: combining achievements and being collectively accountable


Assess your One-Team potential – beliefs, behaviours, boundaries and blockages


Identify areas for cross-boundary cooperation and broadening workroles


Developing your Work-as-One-Team Operating Principles and Team Action Plan


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8 For more in-depth coverage or tailored help for your team, contact us to arrange for a Work-as-1-Team program to be run in-house 

8 Find out more about Working Better Together and Building Better Teams:


Working Better Together clinics can be tailored and delivered in-house for management groups and teams of all types and sizes as part of an overall organisation improvement strategy, team-building initiative for existing teams or an implementation initiative for newly formed or reformed teams. 


To help think through your issues and team development needs, take a look at our Working Better Together Prospectus


Contact us through our on-line enquiry form to discuss our approach and ways we can help you and your team



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