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Our free  Newsletters, Articles and FactFiles are our way of extending a continuing dialogue with past participants of our Coaching Clinics and Leadership Forums... and we encourage you to share these widely amongst colleagues, friends and others in your own networks and elsewhere.

CC E-NEWS is a Seasonal 'e-zine' style Newsletter -- designed for lingering and returning to.  Though these are back issues, so don't let the original publication date deter you from looking inside...

In each CC E-NEWS issue we reinforce and expand on tools and tips connected with that issue's general theme -- and include book reviews, articles and tidbits to intrigue and entertain… Experimenting with conversations and other new skills isn’t limited to what you learn at our coaching clinics. We invite you to share your contributions, conversational experiences and challenges with others through this forum…

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Recent Posts and Articles by Bill Cropper as  referred to in course promotions, email circulars, news feeds and social media posts...




Article 1

Difficult Discussions

Dread of Dissension

Article 2

Performance Conversations

Treating Top Performers

Article 3

Working Better Together

Top 12 Team Trip-Ups

Article 4

Coaching Leader

Taking a Coaching Approach to Leadership

Article 5

Difficult Conversations

Staying Connected

Article 6

Difficult Conversations

10 Top Tips for Tackling Tough Talks

Article 7

Emotional Intelligence

7 Practices of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Article 8

Conversational Confidence

What to do when your Conversational Invisibility Shield fails

Article 9

Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness enhances Actions

Article 10

Performance Conversations

Productive pursuit or a pointless pinnacle of pain

Article 11

Learning to Lead

Redefining Leadership: 8 Roles Real Leaders Play

Article 12

Emotional Intelligence

Finding your Feelings at Work: If I only had the right words

Article 13

Performance Conversations

Preparing can help Performance Conversations work for You

Article 14

Mindful Leadership

Finding Focus in a Deluge of Distractions

Article 15

Difficult Conversations

Stalled from the Start: Getting your Difficult Discussion off to a better beginning

Article 16

Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness minus Meditation: Making the most of everyday Moments

Article 17

Performance Conversations

Telling it Straight

Article 18

Emotional Intelligence

12 ESM Strategies: Managing Toxic Emotions at Work

Article 19

Working Better Together

Working-as-One-Team: why can't we all row in the same direction?

Article 20

Pedagogy/Personal Mastery

Personal Pedagogy: Personal Mastery and the pursuit of Teaching Excellence

Article 21

Emotional Intelligence

Leaders who Lose It: how belligerent bosses breed badly-behaved cultures

Article 22

Leading Culture Change

Leading Culture Change: tricks, traps and tips to take on board for success

Article 23

Performance Conversations

5 Formulas to keep on top of difficult Performance Conversations

Article 24

Difficult Conversations

De-blaming Difficult Discussions: how to avoid bogging-down in finger-pointing and fault-finding

Article 25

Emotional Intelligence

Why Cultivating Connectivity Counts for your Leadership Success

Article 26


Building Resilience & Handling Trauma at Work







Culture Change

Creating Clever Cultures: 6 Dimensions that matter



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1 Aug '03

Introducing Conversational Coaching

2 Nov '03

Difficult Conversations

3 Jun '04

Persuasive Conversations

4 Nov '04

Emotionally Intelligent Conversations

5 May '05

Change Conversations

6 Oct '05

Inclusive Conversations

7 Spring '06

Connective Conversations


XMas '06


Respect in the Workplace


Winter '07


Learning Conversations

10 Summer '08
bullet Compassionate Leadership

Spring '09


Caustic Conversations


Summer '10


Culture Change

13 Spring '11
bullet Performance Conversations

Autumn '12




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