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Diary: April 14 '10:

If you missed the April 2010 Lounge presentation by The Change Forum's director, Bill Cropper,  you can download KeyNotes from his session on "Leading Culture Change"


Diary: Nov 9 '09:

If you missed the  Nov'09 Lounge presentation by The Change Forum's director, Bill Cropper,  you can download KeyNotes from his session on "Connective Leadership: Compassion in action"  



The Leadership Lounge - Forum for Queensland Public Sector Leaders

The Leadership Lounge...

The Leadership Lounge is a learning forum initiated and sustained by a team of dedicated volunteers in the Queensland Public Service to provide a learning community that supports continuing skills development and networking opportunities for leadership graduates and other interested public sector leaders.  It aims to:


Advance leadership learning


Provide a vehicle for leaders to network and learn from each other


Empower people at all levels to deliver better business outcomes


Model leadership behaviours


Develop linkages between agencies

A theme is developed for each monthly Leadership Lounge which is facilitated by internal or external volunteer/s who challenge participants on issues pertaining to the theme. Lounges are administered and resources maintained by Leadership ConneXions -- find out more about them and subscribe for news and events updates here.

June 18, 2012: Leadership Lounge presentation:

Connectivity - 'cure and curse'  

by BILL CROPPER - Director, The Change Forum

The Change Forum's director, Bill Cropper, has facilitated previous Leadership Lounge sessions on "7 Practices of EI Leaders" (February '07) "Connective Leadership - Compassion in Action" (November '09) "Leading Culture Change" (April 2010) and "Respect-building at Work" (February 2011)

Leadership Lounges are held early in the 2nd week of each month except January and are free. Location is currently Queensland Police HQ, Roma Street - opposite Roma St Transit Centre.  Detailed information and listings of events available through the Leadership ConneXion website.


Refer Leadership Lounge Events page for upcoming events

Timing: 9:00am to 12:00 noon -- Please arrive early for a prompt 9:00am start


Queensland Police HQ, Roma Street (opposite the Transit Centre)


Free of charge


RSVP at http://www.leadership-connexion.org - Events

Please note: Places will be limited by the size of the venue - early registration recommended


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