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If there's a Change Forum program you'd like to see offered as a public event in your region (and not already included on our Schedule) please let us know...





In-House Events & Presentations...

The Change Forum is pleased to assist with delivery of


in-house learning programs as a single event, series of events or an extended development program


consulting around change, culture or strategic workplace improvement programs


keynote-speaking, forum facilitation or other presentations


coaching individual leaders or small groups

Format and content can match our standard public programs or we can tailor an event or series of activities/interventions to best meet your particular aims, needs or development priorities.

To obtain a Quote or information about our in-house services...

...please complete the enquiry form below, send us a general email or by all means call us direct An estimate of cost will be provided once we've clarified the details of your enquiry.  

You might also like to review our extended range of learning programs in our full Course Directory, enquire about ways to tailor our Working Better Together and Culture Change programs to suit your own team development needs and arrange to discuss ways to integrate our Change Support Services with your internal change or culture renewal project.  If you're interested in individual coaching, review our Coaching Prospectus before giving us a call to arrange an introductory session to explore your needs.

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The Change Forum - Learning Solutions for Leadership & Change

To think about...

Program Content:

Why are you undertaking this learning - what outcomes do you want to achieve?

Is this part of a larger project or independent of other initiatives?  Is this a single event or a series?

Who is the target audience? How many people will be involved?

What do people most need to learn? Are there particular issues that need to be addressed?

Have you reviewed our general public programs? Does a particular course outline seem to address your areas of interest?

Would you like to have a program tailored to best address your purpose or preferences?

Are there any organisational parameters or themes to be integrated with the content?

Do you want to consult with participants for input to help shape program content and or learning activity focus?

How many events do you envisage - one or more? How much time between multiple events?


When are you hoping to hold this event or start this project?  If multiple events, how often?

Any preferred dates? Preferred day/s of the week? Is there any  urgency or other activities to schedule around?

Have you allowed sufficient time for people to adjust rosters etc.?

Do you need to specify timing for the event to fit particular schedules?


Do you already have internal approval for funding or do you still need to apply for funding? When will funds be available?

What impact does your budget have on course duration, participant numbers or timing?

Are you planning to arrange a venue yourself or would you like assistance with this?

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