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facilitated by Bill Cropper 

Dealing with Difficult Discussions Aug 11-12

Building Conversational Confidence Sept 7

Positive Performance Conversations Sept 8

A choice of 3 highly-regarded toolkit clinics to show you

How to deal with contention, conflict and poor performance

and overcome conversational confusion and anxiety

with calm, composure and roadmaps to follow…

“Fantastic and very beneficial. Provided information I can use not only in the workplace but also in my personal life. You kept us active both days with hands-on activities and case-studies that were a great way of keeping participants engaged, and the workbook is fantastically detailed and very handy. Thanks for a great 2 days Bill.” Jamie K, Community Housing

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What’s Dealing with Difficult Discussions about?

CAIRNS Aug 11-12   TOWNSVILLE Aug 16-17   BRISBANE Aug 18-19

Do you want ways to resolve conflict and tension more constructively?

Coping with contentious conversations is something we can all benefit from doing better. Not coping often creates more protracted conflict in workplaces. It detracts from performance, erodes relationships and turn teams toxic.

Why not put this highly-regarded 2-day clinic on your to-do list! We explore the dynamics behind difficult discussions and equip you with a 7-Stage Roadmap and robust, easy-to-use tools to help you navigate troublesome moments more confidently. Practise a more controlled, step-by-step approach to taking the heat out of hard talks, converting destructive confrontation into constructive conversation.  You’ll learn how to:

·        Decipher the dynamics of difficult discussions and avoid common mistakes we all make

  • Avoid common mistakes we make when talks gets tough

·        Start a difficult discussion with more clarity without raising as much defensiveness

·        Defuse difficult moments and learn how to handle hostility

  • Learn conversation formulas to beat blocks like intentions, blame & assumptions

·        Face up to feelings – the core of difficult discussions – and use them constructively

·        Apply our unique 7-stage model to structure your next difficult discussion

ò Read about getting difficult conversations off to a Better Start

“Gives you tools so you feel more equipped to handle a variety of difficult discussions.  A light-bulb moment was how crucial starting a difficult conversation is using objective language. I think everyone should attend a PD like this one – you’ve helped me develop more in one day than I would have in years of testing the waters myself.”

Andy B, Mackay Northern Beaches SHS

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What’s Building Conversational Confidence about?


Do you stay silent, freeze or retreat when you ought to be speaking up?

Speaking-up can be a pretty scary, anxiety-provoking proposition for many of us.  While we all want to have our ideas, views and feelings heard, not all of us plunge easily into conversation. It may be a case of social anxiety in general or a more specific fear of particular situations. Either way, the ability to express yourself clearly, calmly and confidently remains elusive.

Indeed, many people want to be more influential, persuasive, positively assertive in their conversational dealings with others.

Building Conversational Confidence gives you tools, techniques and tips to help you  combat anxiety, engage positively in meetings, speak with influence and say what you have to say in ways that will be heard.  Regardless of position or level, anyone who wants to be able to speak-up more confidently and assertively will benefit from attending this clinic.

It will also be helpful for leaders who want to find ways to coach their staff to engage more openly and with less anxiety...

Building on our 12-year track-record in Conversational Coaching, this 1-day program is structured around 10 Conversational Confidence Builders and looks at ways to help you…..

·        Overcome conversational hold-backs & confidence-drainers

·        Stamp-out self-limiting self-talk & self-defeating behaviours

·        Break the silence barrier  and prepare yourself to speak-up

·        Find the courage to speak your mind using some easy conversational formulas

·        Connect, listen, respond and engage better in conversations

·        Put across your views so others to take notice of what you have to say

·        Become more calm, self-controlled and less anxious or fearful

·        Come-out with good ideas, express them simply and explain how you think

ò Read about what to do when your conversational invisibility shield fails

“Absolutely brilliant. Structure, content, and delivery excellent. Certainly gives you the conversational confidence and tools to use on a daily basis to speak up in conversations I used to avoid.”   Amanda B, Gold Coast High School

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What’s Positive Performance Conversations about?


How can I get through to low performers in more positive, constructive ways?

Lots of us aren’t that crash-hot when it comes to conducting conversations with difficult performers.  We say things that get staff off-side by putting things in negative ways. They get defensive and either retreat or retaliate.

This course works on a simple principle: focus on the positives you want to see, not the negatives you don’t.  It gives you a step-by-step tour of carefully-crafted footings, frameworks and formulas to deal more competently and comfortably with difficult performers and make hard performance conversations easier. 

·       Tackle tough performance conversations in more positive ways

·       Structure your conversation better with our 5 Footings and Frameworks model

·       Start conversations firmly keeping it neutral & fact-based

·       Deliver difficult feedback that is more ‘sayable’ and ‘hearable’

·       ‘De-vague’ – be more specific in the way you dissect performance issues

·       Handle defensiveness – anxiety and other high-pitched emotions

·       Anticipate objections, excuses, justifications and downplays

·       Stay Focused – keep it on track, clear, frank and fact-based

·       Coach to find solutions – get commitment to goals and actions

“Thought provoking and practical. As supervisor of a large team, I was looking for simple tools to assist me to have difficult performance conversations. This program demonstrated real steps that lead towards building performance. Good visual examples, clear explanations, and tools-practice activities all helped my learning. Thank you Bill, for delivering a tangible and engaging program that was timely, relevant and extremely practical.”  Trish K  University of Southern Queensland

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Making Performance Conversations work for YOU

Looking for help with specific conversational issues, leader concerns or situations, guidance on improvement priorities, etc?

Contact Us about Personal Leadership Coaching

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·        Small groups, a safe place to practise:  Average 6-8 (max 12)

·        Inclusions: Tuition, comprehensive self-coaching Guide, Lunch and refreshments

·        Venue: Rydges Tradewinds Cairns; Seagulls Resort Townsville; Wellington Apt Hotel Brisbane

·        Timing: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm each day

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