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"Conversational Coaching is important to every office supervisor and manager. I was able to learn skills that count in day-to-day issues and would like to see this clinic go for 3 days!. Keep up the good work!” Michael Dore Queensland Transport.

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Building Conversational Confidence
Leading through Conversations
Dealing with Difficult Discussions
Tackling Tough Talks
Positive Performance Conversations
Talking with Teams

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Conversational Coaching


Conversations Count for Success…

Casual, crucial, caustic or contentious, conversations are the cement that holds teams together and connects us to others. In fact, they’re a core business process!

Whether you’re leading change, dealing with difficult discussions, building a better team, revitalising culture, energising classrooms, coping constructively with complaints or creating an exceptional customer service climate – the essential actions we all take happen almost entirely through conversations.


Whatever work you do or position you hold, conversations are at the core of what we do. They’re simply too important to ignore.


They’re the vehicle we use to generate and exchange ideas, sort out situations, and shape strategies and shared visions.


Most actions we take happen through conversations. Take them away, and hardly anything would get done.

Handling hard talks, conflict and confrontation Is the toughest test of our emotional and conversational capabilities. How well leaders and teams face up to difficult discussions to resolve differences is the true yard-stick for healthy work cultures.


Difficult conversations about poor performance or other troubling topics leave many of us feeling anxious, dumb-founded or distressed wondering ‘what went wrong?’


When conversations are off-colour, coordination breaks down, relationships and feelings suffer, mistakes and misunderstandings multiply and productivity plummets.

While many workplace dilemmas hark back to habits of talk that obstruct constructive conversation-making, lots of people still don’t see the need to work on their conversational skills.  Knowing when and how to use different conversational approaches and tools is a vital but neglected element for personal mastery, inspirational leadership, vibrant teams and business success.

And that's where The Change Forum’s conversational coaching clinics come in.

   Conversational Capacity-building...

Our coaching clinics deal with real-life conversational challenges and practical tools practice in a safe, small group environment to help build your confidence to manage your future conversations in a more mindful and effective manner and make every one of them count.  Rate yourself in 5 capability areas for conversational competency on our Conversational Coaching Scorecard then try-out a variety of down-to-earth, easy-to-apply tools and techniques that will help your conversations to be more constructive and tough talks more trouble-free.

All The Change Forum programs can be delivered in-house in generic format or tailored to your special team or leadership development needs.  And we offer individualised coaching in conversations for those who prefer a more personalised approach or have specific issues they'd like to focus on.

Review course Outlines for our current collection of scheduled Conversational Coaching Clinics or follow the program Title link for more detailed course information, scheduled dates and registration links:


Building Conversational Confidence - 1-day - course Outline


Leading through Conversations - 7 principles for constructive conversations - 2-days - course Outline


Constructive Conversations at Work - 1-day version of Leading through Conversations


Dealing with Difficult Discussions - 2-days - course Outline


Tackling Tough Talks - 1-day - course Outline


Positive Performance Conversations - 1 or 2-days - course Outline


Talking with Teams - 1 day for Teams & Leaders - course Outline



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